Top secrets for attending networking events;

How to prepare for events and how to get through them while respecting your introversion and getting what you want.

If you are an introvert like me you might hate the idea of attending networking events.

Most of the time you don't know what to say or do and you think they are a waste of time.

I have been there and done that and I want to help

In this course I talk thought everything from research before the event, to mindset, to self care.

Once you are finished you will be well equipt to deal with networking events your way!

Intended Audience: Introverts, professionals

Top secrets for attending networking events;
Understanding the Different Types of Networkers
Being Approached
Social Cues - Verbal
Social Cues - Visual
Social Cues - Negative
Question Starters
Conversation and endings
Practice and Pitching

What's included

  • 14 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

The Career Introvert